I work with only one client at a time, allowing me to focus entirely on your project, getting your identity and website done in three weeks. This requires that both you and I strictly adhere to the project timeline so my next client also gets the same one-on-one benefit too. Works for you? Great, keep reading. And if you'd like to see an even more in-depth preview of my process (with pictures), check out this blog post.


1. Fill out the form

On the Work With Me Page is a START HERE button that brings up a form. Fill out the form, click submit and it will be sent to me. I’ll review it and we’ll set up a complimentary 30-minute Skype/phone consultation through Calendly so we can get to know each other. During the call, I’ll ask questions about your business and goals and learn about how I can help you achieve them with a brand identity and Squarespace website. If we’re a great fit, I’ll send you a contract and deposit invoice. Once you've signed the contract and paid the deposit, you can sign up for a slot on my schedule. Please note your deposit is non-refundable and serves to hold your spot on my schedule. 

2. Information Exploration + “Fun Work”

 Once your deposit and signed contract have been received and you've picked a start date, I’ll send you questionnaires to fill out and a visual inspiration assignment. You’ll diligently fill out the questionnaires and have so much fun working on the visual inspiration assignment. Then you’ll happily send the questionnaires and visual inspiration piece back to me before your project’s start date. About a week before your project's start date, we'll have an initial pre-project meeting to review your homework and make sure we're on the same page. 

3. Inspiration Board

 Your project start date has arrived! I’ll review your questionnaire and visual inspiration and develop an inspiration board for your brand. It will include images that represent your color palette and design style, setting the tone for your brand. You can expect to receive this by the end of the day on your start date. You’ll review it that day and can request 1 revision so we ensure you are absolutely in love with the direction we’re headed.

4. Logo Concepts + Variations

Once your inspiration board is approved, I’ll start work on your logo, which will be based on your questionnaire answers and inspiration board. Within 2 business days, I’ll send you up to three initial concepts and you’ll select one concept to move forward with within 24 hours. You can request up to 2 rounds of revisions to get your logo just perfect. After your primary logo is approved, you can expect to receive logo variations by the end of the next business day.


Once we've finalized your logo, we'll meet to review your selected custom collateral items and website and then I'll get to work designing. Collateral items will be emailed the next business day for reviewand your collateral feedback will be required within 1 business day and will include 1 round of revisions to perfect the pieces.



At this point, I'll create your brand’s style guide, which will include all the other elements (such as logo variations, mark, color palette, fonts, etc.). Feedback will be required within 1 business day and you'll have 1 revision round here to get these elements just right. 



Salt + Sass Design: Branding and Squarespace websites

Sharon is the perfect combination of hard work and fun - salt of the earth and sass.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sinking your teeth into a decadent chocolate filled with caramel and sprinkled with gourmet sea salt, then you know how magical this abundantly complex combination can be. A perfect balance, bright enough to hit all the notes - that’s how I would describe my experience working with salt + sass.

Starting a business, rebranding, marketing yourself or a product; these things can be daunting, but it’s also exciting! One of my favorite things about working with Sharon was her ability to not only recognize these challenges but help me maintain the balance and not lose track of the fun that comes with doing something fresh and new. Sharon’s process and the questions she asked helped me articulate my vision. I had an idea, a very rough idea, and Sharon was able to see it through a unique set of lenses, polish it, and bring it to life on a much grander scale than I could have ever imagined on my own. The end result was a product that not only captured what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, it was also able to translate the story of why I wanted to do it. 

The “why” was the “it” for me. The “why” is a unique and often overlooked part of the story/product and it’s the most important part. The “why” enhances the flavor. It’s the attachment piece and it takes a truly talented and centered individual to help unearth this key ingredient. That’s what sets Sharon apart. That’s what can set you apart. And that’s why you should work with Salt and Sass!




7. Website wireframe

I’ll mock up your website based on your web questionnaire and branding guide. All site content and photography/imagery is due prior to building your site (files shared via google docs). Delays in content will delay your project and move it back in my schedule. You can expect to receive the wireframes by the end of third business day after our mid-project meeting.

8. Website design

Once wirefeame approval (homepage and one interior page) has been given, I’ll continue designing your site on Squarespace. The site design will be ready for review within 2 business days of wireframe approval. You’ll get 1 revision here to get everything just right and then your final payment is due. We'll schedule a final meeting to review your site and then I'll send your final project invoice.

9. The Launch

Once your site is approved and final payment has been received, I’ll share your logo and collateral files via google docs and transfer the website into your name and we’ll launch it to the world. You’ll get a video tutorial from me showing how to navigate your Squarespace dashboard so you’ll be all set to make any further changes and write blog posts. And just like that, you'll have a powerful brand identity and website. You made it, Woo Hoo!!!



Brand Identity and Squarespace web design
Before working with Sharon, we had an outdated logo and product labels that were clearly handmade and no longer represented our growing business. We had a good sense of the story we wanted to tell through our graphic presence on retail shelves, online and in print media – we just didn’t know how to articulate what we imagined into something tangible.
Working with Sharon, we were able to accomplish all our goals!
Being a creative person myself, I really appreciated how Sharon kept me on track and whenever edits and revisions were presented it was in the context of she felt they better aligned with our branding and story.



Still thinking about working with me?


  • you know who your ideal client is
  • you're ready for your brand to fully represent your awesome self
  • you'd rather not DIY your design
  • Squarespace will work for your website
  • you prefer one-on one, personal attention and collaborating with someone who will take the time to really understand your vision, passion and goals
  • you're ready to step up to the next level in your business
  • you're pretty fun and appreciate a dry sense of humor