Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm so glad you're here

Salt + Sass Design - Sharon Newsom - brand identity and squarespace website designer


The name salt + sass design came about as a combination of my nickname and personality.

Since we first met, my husband has called me Sassy. The fun, strong, independent, don't even try to bull sh*t me and doesn't follow the crowd kind of Sassy.

Coworkers have also called me the "Voice of Reason" for my salt of the earth perspective and ability to comprehend a situation from a neutral perspective.

Never one to be pigeon-holed, I appreciate the power of opposites and their ability to enhance a thing.

Sea salt added on top of a chocolate chip cookie elevates the cookie to a whole other level in my book. Yes, please!

And so it is for my business' name. The combination of salt + sass elevates the two individual elements into a powerful alchemical combination that perfectly represents what I can do for you.


I love to help creative entrepreneurs!

Just like you, develop your unique brand and turn it into a powerful tool that attracts your ideal clients and increases the likelihood that they’ll become paying clients.

You're busy – I get it! 

As a fellow entrepreneur I'm right there with you and all the things you need to do. Between client work, blog posts, social media strategy and trying to find a work/life balance, it's easy to end up spending too much time on things that are outside your genius zone. Leaving you frustrated and maybe even wondering why you wanted to work for yourself so much ...

That's where I come in. 

Working with me on your brand and website will not only be fun and enjoyable, it will also help you get back to what you do best, making a positive impact on your client's lives.

By nature, I'm a curious explorer.

As a small child, my grandfather would hide m&m's in various places around his home and when I visited, I would dash inside to find them. After finding (and eating) all the m&m's, I got to listen to him tell me stories – the man could tell a story! These traits have stayed with me my whole life, I love to explore and I love to listen. And they're traits that are very important to my work as a graphic designer. I listen to your story and explore what makes you unique. Letting your unique story come alive within my mind, I develop brand concepts that will make you shout – "yes, that's me!". Then I bring all the elements together, creating an authentic brand identity and website that attracts your ideal clients.



Salt + Sass Design - About Salt and Sass Design - Brand Identity and Squarespace Website Design

I've jumped out of a plane of my own free will.
I spent a week on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico as an underwater research assistant.
Typography is something I completely geek out over, really!
I love to stand up paddle board and really want to get better at surfing but I'm a *little* afraid of sharks.
I sometimes stop what I'm doing to go outside and feel the sun on my skin.
I love to watch beautiful sunsets and stare in awe at the beauty that surrounds me, filling my heart with gratitude.
Seeing "Sunny and 72 degrees" on my phone is my favorite.
When I'm not out with my golden retriever — hiking or at the beach — you'll find me in either a yoga or crossfit class or sipping wine and hanging out with my husband.


Salt + Sass Design - About Salt and Sass Design - branding and web design

Authentic branding with powerful impact is what Salt + Sass Design is all about. Sharon Newsom has been a graphic designer for over a decade, a business owner for 8 years and worked with many nonprofits and small businesses to help bring their brands to life. 

Along the way Sharon has worked with the Aspen Institute, the Bezos Family Foundation, 5Point Film Festival and over a hundred other clients.

When she's not working one-on-one with clients, she writes blog posts that help her fellow creative entrepreneurs and continues to invest in her skills while staying on top of industry trends.